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Kismay represented to us everything you could possible want from your first ridgeback. She introduced us to so many aspects of the dog world that for us her ilk will never be recreated. She proved to be extemely competitive in the show ring, undertook obedience and gained her CD, was a natural at lure coursing, performed in front of crowds as part of the PAL Superdog Team and as our foundation bitch produced quality progeny that can be found in the some of the biggest show dog lines of many an Australian pedigree. All this in one bitch who was brought to us as the scrawny runt of the litter. And for whom we will always be gratefull to Jenny Reagen of Queensland
CH: GooniwiggalKim CD (Kismay) on the farm QLD
CH: GooniwiggalKim CD (Kismay) on the farm QLD
BA Our first male RR enjoying the dam in Qld
BA Our first male RR enjoying the dam in Qld
BA was the opposite to Kismay, when it came to the showring he hated it, the greatest leveller you could ever come across. Lurecoursing why chase when someone else can do the work for you, obedience;well I went to the couch when told. But his temperment what a winner. This dog was so stable and placid that at a show one day when our daughter climbed on him at six months of age and grabbed his testicles, he looked up checked out who it was and went back to sleep. While Kismay would let the world know how tough she was BA used to count the numbers and if it all seemed fair would turn and walk away, a fight to him just a waste of time and effort. Not that he didn't protect if there was the hint of threat to Barb or myself it was always BA who took the lead standing between us and the source well before the loudmouth could even work out what was going on.

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